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About Jeff

What I Do

Through the skilful use of Choice Theory I will help you to rapidly improve any situation in which you may find yourself.

I am CEO of Choice Practice Institute and own and operate Riviera Counselling Service

My Background

I have worked in private counselling for over thirty years.

Some of my successes

Eagle Point School, all staff trained in Choice Theory and Lead Management.

St Josephs School Warragul, guiding the school community in developing a non punitive high outcome environment.

Loy Yang B Power station all management, plus up and coming leaders, trained and supported in Lead Management and the creation of Quality outcomes.

Latrobe Regional Health Service including LRH Hospital senior and emerging staff trained in coaching, mentoring and leading

I have supported many other schools, businesses and organisations.

My fundamental values

I have a belief that each of us behaves in the best way we know how, in order to meet our needs. I also believe that all of us are capable, with the right support, of achieving great success as we learn to "Take Charge Of Our Lives".

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Confidentiality is ensured, I have worked for over thirty years in the local community and would not be trusted if this were not the case. Mandatory reporting applies to all counsellors in the case of child abuse and this is the only exception to the confidentiality process.


Each session is one hour long and costs $150. It is worth noting that the effectiveness of the Choice Theory process means the client is likely to find this approach their most cost effective option.



Paul Frescura -Team Leader Engineering and Maintenance, LoyYang B Power Station

“The learning I have received from the "Steedman" method during the past six years has helped me enormously with day to day issues relating to personnel management but is a far greater benefit to my own personal development. Knowing the theory on basic needs and effect on our behaviour is extremely powerful stuff. External control method is generally the learnt way of life for most people, but since working with Jeff I've found the alternative way of "Choice Theory" is by far a more sound and logical way of bringing about behavioural changes to myself. This knowledge is not for "work" only, it is learning for "life".

Jane Bond, Director, Bruthen Kindergarten

“Consulting with Jeff Steedman in 2007, was the beginning of us learning about “Choice Theory”, which has given our kindergarten a powerful framework for our way of being. Whilst I had always incorporated the values of respect and caring in my kindergarten’s philosophy and operation, “Choice Theory” taught by Jeff, gave a very clear understanding of people’s needs and how these could be met time after time by simply following the seven connecting habits. Best possible relationships with everyone has become our daily preferred way of being, as our awareness of people’s needs has grown and connecting habits followed. It is so easy to see now, when conflicts arise, that these are the results of external control being applied, needs not being met, and disconnecting habits kicking in. It is an absolute joy and privilege to be part of an empowered community kindergarten where relationships are the best they can be, as a result of this practice. Lead management has been a major feature of this practice, which has also resulted in a happy, fulfilled, creative, enthusiastic team. Whilst this learning has had huge impact in our kindergarten, the greatest strength of “Choice Theory” is the relevance it can have throughout our whole lives. Choice Practice is a way of being, 24 hours a day; an opportunity to make quality choices in all relationships and aspects of life. I have found this practice to contain the most powerful learning I have ever encountered and Jeff’s passion, teaching, and understanding of this practice is pure quality.”

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