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Choice Theory (The seven connecting habits) offers an alternative to the destructive external control psychology (The seven disconnecting habits) used throughout the world by most people today.

External control is a forcing and punishing psychology, which is destructive to relationships. The continued use of external control will destroy the ability for one or more individuals to find satisfaction within any type of relationship.

Replacing the seven disconnecting habits of external control with Choice Theories connecting habits is the most important way in which we can help maintain connectedness within our relationships.

The purpose of life - relationship counselling in Elsternwick

Seven Connecting Habits

    • 1. Supporting
    • 2. Encouraging
    • 3. Listening
    • 4. Accepting
    • 5. Trusting
    • 6. Respecting
    • 7. Negotiating differences

Seven Disconnecting Habits

  • 1. Criticising
  • 2. Blaming
  • 3. Complaining
  • 4. Nagging
  • 5. Threatening
  • 6. Punishing
  • 7. Bribing or rewarding to control

Choice Theory teaches us that when we learn how to meet the five basic needs of:

  • Survival
  • Love and Belonging
  • Freedom
  • Fun
  • Power

in ways which build our relationships with those around us and are needs fulfilling for them....... then we will be happy!

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