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About Jeff

eff Steedman, man who provides marriage counselling in Elsternwick

Something About Me

I live in Bairnsdale, country Victoria, Australia, a beautiful part of the world. I have lived and worked in this area for over 30 years.

I count myself as incredibly fortunate that I came across the work and theories of Bill Glasser many years ago.

I learned of the damage that external control does to the relationships between friends, couples, families and in workplaces and schools. I discovered that Choice Theory, a deceptively simple yet deep and profound way of being, allows us to live our lives in a truly happy and respectful way.

I have been privileged to be invited by many individuals, couples, organisations and businesses to share this information and have watched with great pleasure and delight as they have used it to change their lives.




Some Background

Name: Jeff Steedman


Diploma of Teaching
Graduate Diploma Welfare
Certification- Choice Theory, Reality Therapy, Lead Management
Faculty Member- William Glasser Institute

Founder and CEO -Choice Practice Institute

William Glasser Institute Australia.              

Choice Practice Institute

Favourite Journal: “The voice of Choice” WGIA

Personal Motto:“The only thing I can control is me!”

Personal Likes:“People, outdoors, bush, sea, cycling, education, the pictures I have chosen for this site reflect the things I love”

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"Quality always feels good"

William Glasser



I am responsible for my own happiness



No one has the power to make me do anything I don't want to



Boss managers get the job done.....lead managers get it done with the best results.



There is no need and no place for punishment in a healthy relationship, school or workplace.