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Lead management is leading others by creating a non-coercive environment where quality work is the goal and leaders and employees continuously self-evaluate.

Glasser built on from Deming's work on Total Quality Management. The focus of the work is on relationships, using the caring habits and building trust.

The Lead-Manager will identify:

  • • Who they are.
  • • What they stand for.
  • • What they will do.
  • • What they won't do.
  • • What they will ask people to do.
  • • What they won't ask people to do.
  • (Glasser, 1994,)

When confronted with a problem they don't ask "Who is to blame?" they ask, "What is the problem and how do we solve it?"
(Greene, 1994,)

Lead Managers:

• Engage the workers in ongoing honest discussion of both the cost and quality of the work that is needed for the organisation to be successful. They encourage their workers to give them any input that will give them quality.

• Clearly define and regularly review the quality (of service or product) that is needed.

• Eliminate inspections, promoting self evaluation rather than external evaluation.

• Facilitate the constant improvement needed for quality by providing the best tools and a friendly, non-coercive atmosphere in which to work.

The Choice Theory Manager (Glasser, 1994)


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"Quality always feels good"

William Glasser



I am responsible for my own happiness



No one has the power to make me do anything I don't want to



Boss managers get the job done.....lead managers get it done with the best results.



There is no need and no place for punishment in a healthy relationship, school or workplace.