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All Businesses want to survive, thrive and when in the private sector, make a profit for their shareholders.

This is was achieved in the past through boss management, where the boss, or someone they delegate tells the workers what to do and continually watches over them to ensure that they are performing the way they should be.

This is not the best way to operate and leads to a situation where workers can feel controlled and resent this, producing just enough to keep the boss off their backs.

Boss management does work a bit, but is nowhere near the best way to achieve the highest quality work.

Lead management, the opposite of the controlling process of boss management, improves the relationship between worker and boss.

The leader sees their job as providing an environment where workers can produce the highest quality work.

The most significant thing a lead manager can do is to create a needs fulfilling environment through building healthy trusting relationships.

Where lead management is used, quality, productivity, creativity, personal responsibility and pride in work is the outcome, and surely these should be the aim in every workplace!

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"Quality always feels good"

William Glasser



I am responsible for my own happiness



No one has the power to make me do anything I don't want to



Boss managers get the job done.....lead managers get it done with the best results.



There is no need and no place for punishment in a healthy relationship, school or workplace.