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Counselling with choice theory is available for

  • Relationships
  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Child and Adolescent
  • Parenting

Choice Theory and Reality Therapy

A combination of these approaches is the most effective way to empower those who wish to change their lives.

Choice theory teaches why we and others behave the way we do!

Reality therapy assists us to work out how we can apply the transformational psychology of Choice Theory to our life circumstances.

These deceptively simple, but incredibly deep and powerful tools allow us to take charge of our lives in ways that are fair and respectful to ourselves and those around us.

When used in couples counselling, these approaches allow us to discover what needs are important to our partner and ourselves. Once we know what these needs are, we are able to figure out how to meet them in ways which are fulfilling and satisfying, but also respectful to our partners needs.

When used in family therapy, we gain a powerful means of strengthening and deepening the family unit.

When learned during counselling we develop a lifelong tool which enables us to continue to grow and develop our relationships with ourselves and others to a depth that many might have believed they could never attain.

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