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Schools which take on Choice Theory and Lead Management as underlying guiding principles and are willing to change their practices to reflect this will discover that:

  • -incidents of problematic behaviour dramatically reduce
  • - relationships improve
  • - bullying decreases
  • -learners become independent
  • -quality work is produced regularly by all learners
  • -there is improvement in Naplan results
  • -there is less teacher stress
  • -parents and students connect with the school
  • -enrolments are healthy
  • - they are not dependent on counsellors etc to fix problems

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"Quality always feels good"

William Glasser



I am responsible for my own happiness



No one has the power to make me do anything I don't want to



Boss managers get the job done.....lead managers get it done with the best results.



There is no need and no place for punishment in a healthy relationship, school or workplace.