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Rapid effective assistance for; Individuals, relationships and families, including for previously diagnosed conditions. We are particularly interested in helping those who have been in long term treatment for conditions like anxiety, depression and anger to break free of the chains of never ending medication and treatment which seem to be ongoing with no end in sight. If you or someone you care about is ready to Take Charge Of Your Life, then a phone call to us is the place to start.



Engaging in coaching is a positive action to enlist the support of a skilled professional to help you Take Charge Of Your Life. Coaching leaves you in control of the areas you want to improve and the direction you want to set. Some areas where coaching can be of assistance include; Life direction, Parenting, Leadership, Organisation skills and time management. In fact any area of human behaviour can be improved through coaching, including those areas which are already going well but where you would like to get even better results. Take Charge Of Your Life by calling us today.



By helping you understand human behaviour and internal motivation through the power and wisdom of Choice Theory and the process of Lead Management, we can help you achieve the highest possible outcomes in your organisation. We have worked in Government, Non Government, Volunteer and other organisations for over thirty years with unparalleled success in assisting them to get the best from their people. Contact us for Effective Leadership training, Staff training, Volunteer support and Staff motivation. We can help with the Development of effective policy and procedure relating to people and culture which result in rapid improvement for your organisation. Take Charge Of Your Life now and discover how to use non coercive means to assist your people be their best all of the time and allow your organisation and people to shine.



Are you looking for a way to improve student outcomes, parent relationships, staff performance and wellbeing and make your school a joyful and fun place to be? Look no further! Choice Theory, Lead Management and Reality therapy are tools which can be used by anyone and are proven to change the relationships and culture within any school community. Think of all the time and money you spend on training and curriculum resources in an attempt to improve student outcomes, then ask yourself how effective this has been. Our approach using CT, LM and RT is proven to work in any school community and means you will get the maximum benefit from all the other resources you have already invested in. We offer staff training in non-punitive non-coercive classroom management, parenting courses, leadership training, and the review and development of effective people and culture policies within your school. Take Charge Of Your Life now, talk to us about how you can begin to invest time in meaningful change rather than spending time doing the same thing over and over.


Business consulting & training

Forget about everything you learned about motivating your people and driving performance. Not only is this information incorrect and only marginally effective, it is destructive to workplace culture and performance and staff wellbeing in the long term. Contact us to learn how to tap into your people’s internal motivation and drive. Every human being intrinsically wants to do well and feels great when they do and your staff are no different. All you need do is learn the secret of internal control psychology and how to free your people to be the absolute best they can be. Take Charge Of Your Life now and get back to what every business leader should be doing... leading! Watch your outcomes improve and enjoy the thrill of coming to work every day to a place where you and the people you work with are performing at their best and where you all want to be.


Online and Remote Counselling

Through the wonders of modern technology we are no longer bound by geography or time in accessing the very best assistance available. We have assisted people throughout Australia and Internationally with our online coaching, counselling and consulting service. We are comfortable in using this technology and invite you become the best you can be. You need no longer to wish that you would love to talk to us if only we were closer, we are with you wherever you need us. Take Charge Of Your Life now, contact us and change your life. Available anywhere in the world through, skype, facetime, messenger, phone.


EAP Employee Assistance Programs

There are many EAP programs out there, but the problem is they often rely on a practitioner who doesn’t know your business, doesn’t know your people and doesn’t really know you. We take a strictly limited number of businesses and organisations on board because we want to know who you are, what you stand for and what you really need. We also want to be available when you need us. We are really interested in great outcomes and our approach increases the chance that problems with your personnel don’t become expensive medico/legal issues which cost you and them in terms of time, dollars and wellbeing. Take Charge Of Your Life and access a local practitioner who is interested in building a relationship with your business and your employees and enjoy the results. If you are remote, we can help through our online and remote service



Call us and discuss our tailor made, bespoke training designed to suit your needs and desired outcomes. General workshops are often available, see our calendar for dates and booking. Call us now and we will help you create a package which suits your needs, don’t wait... Take Charge Of Your Life now and begin the transformation you have always wanted to achieve.

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