Who is it for?

Anyone who wants support with their well-being. With over thirty years of experience, Jeff has counselled people from all walks of life: from children to older adults, individuals, couples, families, and groups. If you're local Jeff can arrange a face-to-face meeting. He can also work via your favourite online platform e.g. Zoom. To arrange an appointment simply click the blue Calendly button in the bottom righthand corner.

Jeff Steedman

How is Jeff Different?

The only person you have control over is yourself, through your behaviours, perceptions, and beliefs. You can only make changes in the present and for the future. There is therefore no need to rake over the past in order to feel better. This understanding shortcuts counselling time and can have you feeling better from your very first session.

If you’ve tried counselling before you’ll probably find this is a very different approach. Jeff doesn’t want to make you dependent on him and needing to come back for numerous sessions. Many clients however, like to come back infrequently for tune-ups, in more of a coaching capacity. 

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Jeff's Credentials

Jeff began his working life as a teacher and a principal before gaining a graduate degree in Counselling. An interest in Choice Theory saw him complete the various levels of Choice Theory training to become a faculty member of William Glasser International.  He is also a  past board member of William Glasser Australia. He regularly facilitates Choice Theory Training locally and nationally.

Throughout his career Jeff has worked with private clients as well as various schools, organisations and businesses. 

Jeff facilitate training

Be Supported by the Very Best

“He is so good at what he does. I have learned from the best.” Amanda Blandford

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